Old Solid Silver


  • Jackpot Antiques In Silver To See
  • Great Old Cupid Pin Silver Frederick Massingham 1949
  • Large Pendant Former Napoleon Iii Flower Beads Silver Solid Silver Charm
  • Large Cross Pendant Jewelry Silver Former 19th Century Antic Cross
  • Superb Old Plateau Chantourne Sterling Silver Large Dimension 1200 Grams
  • Jewel Old / Big Big Money Chain ​​mail 50 Gr
  • Former Big Pendant Silver Venerie Hunting Trophy Deer Teeth
  • Important Old Swallow Pendant In Sterling Silver Art Nouveau 1900
  • Large Necklace Chain Necklace Silver Solid Antique Jewel Tunisia Silver Chain
  • Old Collar Necklace Large Link Filigree Silver Massif Punch Books
  • Old Great Cross Sterling Silver Enamel Filigree Germany Punch 13 Lot
  • 2 Large Antique Cups In Sterling Silver Necklace 1st Title 330.3 Grams
  • Old Grand Crucifix In Sterling Silver Christ In Cross Hallmark Head Of Old Man
  • Large Chain Necklace Necklace Silver Solid Jewel Old Silver Chain 54 Gr
  • 12 Large Knives Antique Silver Mini Louis Xv Rocaille Paris
  • Superb Old Large Religious Medal In Sterling Silver Xviiith Century
  • Ancient Large Regional Cross Provençal Arlesienne Sterling Silver And Rhinestones
  • Old Large Sterling Silver Earrings Eighteenth Regional Earrings